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I am installing Avaire in my bathroom. Do I need to remove the toilet or can I cut around it?

The toilet will need to be removed before installing Avaire. It is important to leave an expansion and fill the area around the flange with sealant before resetting the toilet.

I want to install Avaire in my game room. Will my slate top pool table be too heavy for Avaire?

No. When installed properly, Avaire will perform well when installed under heavy objects such as a pool table.

Can I install my Avaire floor before the cabinets are installed?

No. All permanently installed cabinets should be in place prior to installation of Avaire.

Do I need felt protectors on my chairs like my old vinyl floor?

It is always a good idea with any hard surface floor to have protective glides on the bottom of the chairs. Avaire is very durable, however, marks may occur from unprotected metal chair legs. Additionally, Avaire may cause excessive wear on wood legged chairs.

Do I need to remove my dish washer before I install my Avaire floor?

No, just remove the bottom panel on your dishwasher and make sure there is enough adjustability in the treaded leveling legs for Avaire.

I'm installing Avaire in a basement utility room. Is it okay to install Avaire next to my furnace?

It is usually safe to install Avaire next to gas and electric furnaces. However, it is a good idea to check with your heating and cooling technician to ensure the floor will not be exposed to temperatures of over 115 degrees F.

I have a new front loading washing machine that spins at a very high rpm and vibrates quite a bit. Will the constant vibration cause my Avaire to move since it's a floating floor?

No. The rubberized grid on the bottom of the Avaire tiles will keep the floor from shifting. Additionally, filling the ¼” gap along the perimeter of the room with a silicon sealant will make the floor stable, and help prevent the surface from moving.

Can I move my refrigerator back into place immediately after grouting my floor?

Yes. You can move the appliance back into place while the grout is still wet, though you might need to touch-up the grout if the wheels disrupt the groutline. The key is you don't want continuous traffic/movement on the floor for the first 24 hours.

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