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When I opened the bucket of Avaire flexible grout, there was some liquid on top. Is this normal?

Yes. Liquid may be present on the surface of the grout when opened. This is from normal settling. Use a margin trowel to fold the liquid into grout.

How long does Avaire Flexible Grout need to cure before we can walk on it?

We recommend protecting Avaire Flexible Grout from light foot traffic for a period of 24 hours, heavy traffic for a period of 72 hours, and cleaning or staining agents for a period of 1 week.

Do I need to seal Avaire Flexible Grout?

Avaire Flexible Grout is stain and water resistant, and requires no sealing.

Do I have to use Avaire Flexible Grout when installing Avaire Tiles?

Yes. Avaire is a floating floor system, and requires the use of the specially formulated Avaire Flexible Grout. Other grouts are not sufficiently flexible to handle the movement associated with a floating surface, and will void the 10-year limited warranty.

What is the shelf life of Avaire Flexible Grout?

Avaire Urethane Flexible Grout has a shelf life of 1 year after being opened.

I did not do grout clean-up until the following day. What will take off the grout haze once the grout is dried?

For urethane grout, use Krud Kutter Orginal to remove grout haze (see video below).

Removing Grout Haze: Urethane

Will applying a tile or grout sealer after grout installation hurt Avaire Flexible Grout?

No; however, make sure the grout is dry for a minimum of 2 days before applying sealer.

Does Avaire Flexible Grout require mixing like traditional cement-based grouts?

No. Avaire Flexible Grout comes pre-mixed, and does not require mixing like traditional cement-based grouts. It will, however, require some stirring using a margin trowel before use.

Will the color of Avaire Flexible Grout vary from batch to batch?

No. Avaire Flexible Grout maintains a consistent color from batch to batch.

Can I clean Avaire Flexible Grout after grouting the entire floor?

It is strongly recommended that you clean Avaire Flexible Grout as you work using a sponge and water. If working alone, only grout as far as you can reach before cleaning.

Who do I call for chemical emergencies?

For Chemical Emergency call CHEMTREC 24 hours, 800-424-9300 North America, 703-527-3887 International (collect)

I grouted (for the first time) and there are a few imperfections, bumps and dips, and rough spots. Is there a way to smooth out the rough spots and bumps once the Avaire Flexible Grout has dried?

Yes. Most of the time, touching up the grout is a simple as grouting over the areas that need some attention. Avaire Flexible Grout will adhere to itself. If the imperfection needs to be removed, a utility knife or small grout cutter can be used. Simply re-grout the area when done.

How long do I have to stay off the tile before I can grout?

You can start grouting immediately.

What should I use to seal off the perimeter of my Avaire floor?

We recommend sealing the perimeter of your Avaire floor using a color-matched silicone caulk. You can order online at GroutGetter.com.

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