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Can I install Avaire over a sub-floor that has experienced water damage?

It is important to repair or replace any water damaged boards and ensure the floor is dry, and structurally sound before installing Avaire.

There is potential for water getting under the floor from a storage area that houses the well and air conditioner. Recently, the air conditioner caused water to flow under the wood laminate floor (causing the need for the replacement floor). Would Avaire be able to withstand this?

Avaire is not damaged by incidental moisture, but the underlying subfloor could defintely be damaged with continuous moisture. There is also a concern about mold and/or mildew developing under the floating floor. It is recommended you solve this moisture problem before proceeding (not only for Avaire, but any other flooring product you choose).

My toilet overflowed, I'm not sure if water got under my Avaire floor, what should I do?

Once the water is cleaned up make sure the toilet is in good working condition. Remove the base or quarter round and check to see if the water to any edges not sealed, if so leave trim off to help subfloor dry. Mold usually doesn't result from an event like a toilet overflowing, it usually needs a persistent water source to grow mold.

Can I install Avaire over my plywood floor if it's wet?

No, the subfloor must be completely dry before installation. Identify and correct the source of moisture before installation.

Can I install Avaire in my bathroom? I have a tub and a shower.

Yes, Avaire can be installed in bathrooms; a good quality caulk needs to be installed at the tub and shower base also in the perimeter expansion areas and around the toilet flange to prevent water from getting under the floor.

I removed the carpet in my bathroom and there is some mold by the edge of the tub. Can I install Avaire over it?

Not until a few things are done. First find out the source of the moisture and correct it. Next, check to see if the moisture has caused structural damage to the floor (if unsure consult a carpenter). Repair if needed. If the floor is structurally sound, clean with a 1:9 bleach and water solution and rinse. Be sure to allow the floor to completely dry before installing Avaire.

I'm installing Avaire over my vinyl floor and there is some dark discoloration. Someone said its mold. Can I install Avaire over it?

Yes, but first find the source of the moisture that is causing the discoloration and correct. Remove discolored area and if on wood check for damage, repair if necessary. If minor patching is needed use a Portland based patching compound. Gypsum based patches will support mold growth.

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