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Can I reinstall my Avaire floor in another location?

Yes. Avaire can be disassembled and reinstalled in another location. Before reinstalling, the old grout will need to be removed using a utility knife.

I dropped a cast iron pan on my Avaire floor, and a tile chipped. How do I replace it?

A Avaire Tile that becomes damaged can be replaced using the following method:

  1. Remove the grout from the perimeter of the broken tile. This may be done by using a grout cutter. When doing this, use caution not to chip the surrounding tiles.
  2. Once the grout has been removed, carefully cut the downward facing tabs attached to 3 of the 4 surrounding sides using a utility knife. Be sure to use appropriate care and safety equipment while using the utility knife.
  3. After the tabs have been cut, carefully remove the broken tile by lifting and pulling away from the uncut side. Use caution not to damage the surrounding tiles.
  4. Apply a layer of premium construction adhesive (recommended: PL Premium) to the back of the new tile, and then set it into position. Snap the new tile into place, and then firmly press down to ensure a flush placement.
  5. Once the adhesive cures, apply Avaire Flexible Grout.

A section of my grout has become discolored, can I repair it?

Yes, Avaire® Flexible Grout can be easily repaired or replaced. For step-by-step instructions on how to repair or replace sections of grout, please see our grout replacement instructions.

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