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Can I install Avaire directly over the vinyl floor in my kitchen?

Yes. Avaire can be installed directly over a vinyl floor without any special underlayment.

Can Avaire Tile be installed over radiant heat?

Yes, the Avaire system is approved for installation above radiant heat. It works best with QuietWarmth Film by MP Global Products. QuietWarmth Film is a thin flexible radiant floor heating product designed for click-together floors.

Can Avaire be installed over an engineered joist system with joists that are 19-2 on center with 3/4" OSB?

Yes. Engineered systems work well with Avaire as long as the floor is within the tolerance specifications.

Over what types of sub-floors can Avaire Tile be installed.

Avaire tile can be installed on a flat, solid surface. The list includes vinyl, plywood, OSB, particle board, concrete and tile. Avoid non-solid, uneven surfaces such as carpet.

If I install Avaire tile over my hardwood floor, will the hardwood be damaged if I ever choose to remove my Avaire floor?

While Avaire shouldn't damage your wood floor, it may need to be refinished and door casings replaced if undercut.

My old vinyl tile floor is missing a few pieces. Do I have to remove the whole floor to install Avaire?

No. If the vinyl tile is well bonded to its sub-floor and only a few pieces are missing, just use cement based patching compound to fill the missing areas. Then, once the floor is flat, Avaire can be installed. Use caution when removing loose tile as some vinyl tiles may contain asbestos.

I changed my mind from traditional tile to Avaire, but I already have cement board installed. Can I install Avaire over the cement board?

Avaire is very versatile and can be installed over many different subfloors including cement board.

Many floors cannot be installed over a particle board. Can Avaire be installed over this type of sub-floor?

Yes. Avaire can be installed over particle board as long as the floor is flat, within tolerance and structurally sound.

Can Avaire be installed over ceramic tile?

Yes, as long as the floor is flat and with tolerance requirements for the tile size being installed.

Can I install Avaire on my countertops?

Avaire is not recommended for installation on countertops. However, Avaire Flexible Grout is an excellent choice for any traditional tile installation including countertops.

Can Avaire tile be installed on the wall?

The Avaire Flooring System is not designed,tested warranted or recommended for wall applications. Avaire non-interlocking (or raw) porcelain tile is recommended for matching wall applications.

Do I have to remove the paint off my concrete floor before I install Avaire?

Since Avaire is not bonded to the sub-floor; Avaire may be installed directly over a painted floor.

My third floor condo has lightweight concrete, and I'm told that primers and sealers need to be applied before my tile floor can be installed. Is this necessary with Avaire?

As long as the lightweight concrete is flat within tolerance specifications and structurally sound, it won't be necessary to prime the floor before installing Avaire.

Are there any deflection requirements for Avaire floor?

The floor must not have defection greater than 1/360 of the span when measured under a 300 lb concentrated load. (See ASTM C 627).

Can Avaire Tiles be installed in a bathroom?

Yes. Avaire is ideal for any indoor environment such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, etc. Avaire should not, however, be installed in higher moisture areas such as shower pans and saunas.

Can Avaire be installed outdoors?

Avaire is not recommended for use in outdoor environments. Outdoor installations are not covered under the Avaire 10-year limited warranty.

Can Avaire be installed in an environment reaching below freezing temperatures?

This type of application is not covered under the SnapStone Warranty. However, we are aware of many installations that are performing well, and are indoor applications not subjected to rain, snow, standing water, or any other environment where moisture would get under the flooring system. Before subjecting the floor to freezing temperatures, the grout should be allowed to cure for 28 days at 70°F.

Can Avaire be installed on stairs?

The Avaire Floating Porcelain Tile System is designed and warranted as a floating floor system, and is not recommended for stair applications. We recommend Avaire non-interlocking (or raw) porcelain tile, using traditional installation methods. If you choose to use Avaire interlocking tile on a stair application, it will need to be fully adhered using a high-quality construction adhesive and a stair nose at the edge.

Can I install Avaire under a wood or gas burning stove?

Avaire should not be installed under wood or gas burning stoves or fireplaces. Instead, Avaire non-interlocking (or raw) porcelain tile may be used with traditional installation methods.

Can SnapStone be used in a room with heavy moisture applications, such as floor drains or shower pans?

No. These types of applications are not recommended for the SnapStone system.

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