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Sherry 08-22-2010 10:56 AM

My mom just had these tiles professional installed in her home. There is some sort of glue or grout or something that is left on top of the tile. You can see residue from something that has left an imprint of the word Avaire on some of the tile and on other you can see an imprint of the web looking plastic from the back of another tile. Has this happened to others? What would cause this? and how can it be fixed? If it would help I may be able to take a photo to attach. Just don't know if it will show up. Thanks!

Chris 08-24-2010 12:55 PM


I have this happen to me quite often. It's from not cleaning the grout residue off the tile good enough. When there's some grout haze left on the tile the grind from the back of the tray shows in certain light, I haven't seen the word Avaire on the tile yet.

If you used the acrylic grout then have the installers use acetone to clean the grout haze, if urethane grout use Krud Kutter. Both are available at most home centers.

Let me know how it goes.

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