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Avaire Archive 06-23-2009 08:59 AM

Make sure tile matches
Author: Kim
Date: 6/4/2008 1:37 pm EDT
Just wanted to point out one thing when installing the Avaire tile. I know the instructions say to check the tiles before you lay them for color and shading, but also check the thickness. We purchased 5 packs thinking it would be enough to cover our bathroom remodel. We forgot to include the closet and I had to return to Menards for a subsequent purchase. After installing the tiles and cutting and such, our floor was not level. We had two different tiles! The first batch/lot had dark edges and the second batch/lot had white edges and was also 1/4" thinner than the first. This made for one mad hubby, but after careful disassembly and recutting, the floor is now level. The closet, however, is 1/4" lower than the bathroom, but no one will notice.

Avaire Archive 06-23-2009 08:59 AM

Author: The Avaire Team
Date: 6/7/2008 2:28 pm EDT
I contacted Kim to verify our suspicion on the root cause of the her experience. Here is the situation:

Avaire was initially piloted in the two Eau Claire, Wisconsin Menards stores starting in early 2007. During the pilot only, we used a different tile source - those original tiles had a darker "body" and were slightly thicker. The Avaire packages were labled with different lot numbers and customers were to be advised to not mix lot numbers on the same floor. Kim bought the tile from one of the Eau Claire stores in two batches. Unfortunately, as the second batch of tile was purchased at a later time, the advice to not mix lot numbers (and why -both shading and thickness) was not communicated.

The other 200+ Menards stores never carried the older tiles and therefore this thickness mismatch situation will not be a risk in the stores outside Eau Claire.

We continue to advise people to check for lot number differences as there can be slight shade/texture variations from lot to lot. In many cases, the lot number differences are very subtle - "your mileage may vary". We encourage customers - as is true for traditional tile - to purchase a few extra pieces to ensure you have the same lot numbers in case you need to replace a broken tile in the future.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and we're happy to hear Kim and her husband were able to work around the thickness issue successfully.

Kim - thank you for purchasing Avaire tile and for confirming what happened.

Avaire Archive 06-23-2009 09:00 AM

Author: Journeyman
Date: 6/7/2008 5:33 pm EDT
It is worth noting that ALL manufacturers of ceramic tile speak about color and shade variations and none of them guarantee a perfect match of each and every tile each and every time.

True enough, lots should be considered when purchasing any tile. The truth is however....colors and shades can also vary slightly even within the same lot-run. This is the nature of kiln fired ceramic tiles. Every effort is made to keep this under control but when dealing with products that are made from components of nature some variation will exist. By most, those variations are considered "the beauty" of working with and owning ceramic tile.

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