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Avaire Archive 06-23-2009 11:33 PM

Carpet Transition
Author: Rick DL
Date: 9/23/2008 12:27 am EDT
I am going to lay these tiles using staggered pattern between Kitchen nook and Family room which is a high traffic area. My question is; since this is floating and the does not use adhesive, are the tabs of the tile strong enough to hold together against to a carpet transition.
Since the carpet will be tucked in between transition, and the carpet becomes lower than tile, when rowdy kids started running in between carpet and Avaire tiles, will the tabs hold strongly enough to come off or get out of the locked tab? I am still scared of not transition not unless I use a wooden transistion of differect color.


Avaire Archive 06-23-2009 11:35 PM

Author: Jonathan
Date: 9/23/2008 12:42 am EDT
Using a transition that protects the edge of the tile from being caught and lifted is the most conservative approach. A typical "T" transition will have a "rail" attached to the floor, and then "snaps" in place covering both the carpet and the top of the tile. These are available in a variety of materials including metal, wood, and PVC.

Based on your description, I would recommend using a transition.

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