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Avaire Archive 06-24-2009 10:57 AM

basement floor
Author: Schuhmacher Fred & Betsy
Date: 2/23/2009 1:01 pm EDT
We are looking to finish our basement floor, we are interested in using avaire for the floor finish. Would you let us know if it is advisable to use avaire tile over a concrete floor, also would we have problems with cracking of tile because of cold transmition through the concrete??
Thank you very much! Fred and Betsy Schu

Avaire Archive 06-24-2009 10:58 AM

Author: Chris
Date: 2/24/2009 9:26 am EDT
Avaire tile is a perfect choice for an installation on concrete, especially if there is a history of tiles cracking. The cold concrete floor won't cause any problems with the Avaire tile installation, but have you considered a heated floor similar to Quiet Warmth. It works great with Avaire flooring.Otherwise a good pair of slippers works well.

Avaire Archive 06-24-2009 10:58 AM

Author: Schuhmacher Fred & Betsy
Date: 2/26/2009 1:48 pm EDT
Thank you as not sure what to expect if we use this system.

Avaire Archive 06-24-2009 10:59 AM

Author: Chris
Date: 2/26/2009 4:12 pm EDT
I'ts a great flooring option and if you're concerned about a cold floor Avaire tile wont transfer the cold as much as a traditional tile would.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks

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