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Default Flexible Grout with Traditional Tile

Yes, our flexible grout can be used with traditional tile and natural stone applications. It won't necessarily solve a fundamental installation problem with traditional tile, but will likely be more forgiving than traditional cement-based grout.

There are several Carpet Mill Outlets in Denver that either carry or can order the product - you might want to call ahead to see if they have any in stock. I would suggest the Avaire Urethane Flexible Grout - while a bit more expensive than the Avaire Acrylic Flexible Grout, it is easier to work with, and will be more robust. For either grout, please follow the installation instructions, especially the part about "clean as you go" - if you apply the grout like traditional grout and purposefully leave a haze for later cleaning, it will be much more work. Clean as you go, and its a breeze.


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