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Author: John
Date: 4/11/2008 6:18 pm EDT
Thanks Jonathan... Pics will be taken of finished project !

It's a small bathroom so it won't be a big glamour shot but I stand by the statement the floor looks awesome. A few friends came over and they wanted to know how much it cost to have someone put in a tile floor...they actually didn't beleive me when I told them it was DIY. They left still beleiving that I must have had someone who knew how to tile help me. I have never worked with tile before now though I am an avid DIY'er. Tile always looked like a complicated and excessively hard job to do. Using Avaire tile has given me the confidence to try the wall tile myself. The wall tile is mounted with mastic over green board so no mortor bed or concrete backer was needed...I only hope this project looks close to as great as the floor... From what I can tell so far, Avaire tile is a grand slam product for anyone who has the desire to try DIY. The only real difficult part in the entire process was figuring out the size and location of the very first tile. Parden the pun but the rest was a snap.

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