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Date: 6/5/2008 4:03 pm EDT
You should know the possible ramifications of using any type of percussion drilling when drilling into something such as a quality porcelain tile.

The fact that Avaire tile is a "floating" floor and is not rigidly bonded to the substrate as conventional ceramic tile would be creates an issue for drilling. The vibration of the tool when using a hammer-drill could easily cause the tiles being drilled to crack and break. Another issue would be that the vibration could serve to dislodge and damage the nearby grout.

The goal here is to access the necessary hole without destroying the related tile.

I personally wouldn't recommend the use of any type of percussion tool.

Rather, I would suggest the use of a proper saw. In this case a coring saw with a diamond rim. The use of water to cool the sawing edge would also be necessary.

Coring saws are available for rent in some areas and a coring saw of this size could easily be used in any 1/2" low rpm drilling machine. The required water can be dispensed from a spray bottle or simply poured from a container.

Typically a coring saw of 1-1/8" diameter will suffice but that should be verified with your local needs.

To purchase such a coring saw would cost approximately $50 and they can be found on the Internet if not available somewhere in local stock.
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