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Date: 6/15/2008 8:36 pm EDT
THAT tile is a very high quality porcelain tile. IT IS HARD! The best thing for you to do (not having access to the usual pro tools) is to invest in an inexpensive 4" right angle grinder and a diamond blade. Use a continuous rim diamond blade and not one of the toothed or scalloped diamond blades. Both items are readily available at Menard's.

Make a pattern from cardboard so you can test the radius. Mark the tile by tracing your pattern and gingerly follow your mark with the diamond blade. Continue cutting until the tile finally breaks on its own along your scoring. If the break is jagged it can then be cleaned up using the same tool to grind the rough edges with the side of the blade.

Go slow and don't allow too much heat to build up - TAKE YOUR TIME!
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