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Default Tile flex

Author: Chris
Date: 9/16/2008 12:05 am EDT
I am in the process of installing an avaire floor in my kitchen and abutting bathroom. Just wondering how much flex the actual tile can handle. I have read about the levelness of the floor. 1/4 inch over 10' or 1/8th over 6ft. This I guess depends were you measure from. I do have a bit of a dip in my floor and it it is only about a 1/4 of an inch. Luckily the tiles do not set directly over the dip. The grout line sits right on the center. None of the tiles rocked back and fourth when laying them out. Anyhow with all of the tile snapped together you can now rock them slightly. The tiles can be rocked just a little. Maybe 1 to to 2 16ths where the hump is. Will this be a problem? Based on your video and how the flat the surface should be I would not think so.

The install seems to be going very well so far. It is a big install. Only problems I have is around doors and vents where you have to notch the tile out. Depending on where the tile is placed some of the notches are quite narrow. Making it difficult to snap them together without cracking. Luckily there were only a couple spots that will not be noticable. Inside a closet around the door jamb and around a vent. Any tips when attaching these types of tiles would be great. Used soap and took of some of the tabs. Maybe I should have taken more off. Let me know if you will sell touch up glaze that will go over bone colored filler for the beige color tile.
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