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Author: Robb Busch
Date: 10/6/2008 5:54 pm EDT
I am removing;
2/16th Vinyl
1/16th Vinyl
2/16th underlayment
1/16th Vinyl
8/16th Plywood underlayment
14/16th total (pretty close estimate)

So I have 14/16 or so to work with and the current (before removing any of the existing flooring) height of appliances, doors and transitions are all okay. I would like to go back with about the same height or a little less.

If I go back with 1/4" underlayment the Quietwarmth pad and Avaire tile I should put me pretty close heightwise.
The original joist and subfloor do seem structurally sound, although I have not exposed all of it yet.

Thanks for your help Chris!
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