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Author: Jonathan
Date: 2/26/2009 1:48 pm EDT

I have heard of the WarmlyYours brand, but I do not have their technical specs. Perhaps I misunderstand, but if their pad is truly 3/8" (0.375") thick, I think that would be too thick for use under the Avaire system. The QuietWarmth brand product is 0.11" thick, or less than 1/3rd of a 3/8" pad.

Generally speaking, if the heating system is designed for use under laminate wood flooring, which cannot be exposed to temperatures more than 85F, it will be compatible with our system. One concern would be the wire thickness and composition. With QuietWarmth, the wires are attached to the pad which provides some protection. If a raw set of wires were installed directly under our tile over a rough concrete surface, over time I'd be concerned about the "grid" under our system "pinching" the heating wires and wearing through the wire insulation. With QuietWarmth, we don't have that concern because the pad protects the wires, and the wire composition is actually a fiber and not a metallic material.

I will review the WarmlyYours system to determine whether or not it is compatible with Avaire.

Thank you for considering Avaire and for your excellent question!

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