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Author: Jon
Date: 2/26/2009 7:28 pm EDT
I am not sure where I got that pad thickness of 3/8” but anyway; here is more info on the panels.
I would be using QuietWalk underlayment as it has been approved for use with these heat panels.

To ensure the temperature does not exceed 84 or 115 degrees, all I need to do is install a thermostat, right?

The following has been taken off the their website….

Environ II panels are less than 1/16” thick. The power supply cord is ¼”.

Environ II panels are made of a pattern of a fixed-resistance heating element, “sandwiched” between two layers of aluminum foil laminate.

The aluminum foil that forms the outer casing of the panel provides several advantages:
• Heat generated by the heating element wire within the panel rapidly spreads through the foil, creating a large “plate” at an even temperature.
This also helps to prevent heat build up under chair and table legs, as the natural tendency of the foil is to draw heat away from a hot spot.
• It is waterproof, thus protecting all internal wiring and connections within the panel;
• It is rigid, yet still sufficiently flexible to make for ease of installation;
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