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Author: Dan Weingarten
Date: 7/7/2008 4:29 pm EDT
I'm looking into this transition problem also - I am using a single width of Avaire tile 13 feet long to deal with the transition between 2 existing 80 year old hardwood floors (1-1/4" maple on 1 side, 2" maple on other). Some say Schluter is the way to go, but 1 installer, who could have sold me Schluter joints, said that since the Avaire Flexible Grout is acrylic, it will be flexible enough to handle the expansion and shrinkage of the wood (butt ends of the wood up to the tile on both sides). I'm guessing 26' of Schluter joints would put this little project somewhere in the $200 range, with my 'free' labor. Others, like here recommend a caulk that matches the "Mushroom" flexible grout. I've also seen a recommendation for running a wood edge on the butt ends so that movement in and out of the tile area is limited, or rounding off the butt ends of the wood with a router and using the sanded caulk between the wood and tile. I assume it is best in this situation to cut all the tabs on the 2 sides that face the wood flooring. Any comments on any of this will be appreciated.
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