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Author: Haley
Date: 4/10/2008 12:09 am EDT
I am located in Wausau WI. The menards here only carries three colors (beige, camel, moss) with no ability currently to special order the other colors or have samples. I contacted the menards in Eau Claire and they have the three colors (beige, camel, moss) on display with the ability to order all off the colors but do not have samples of the five other colors. I have looked at the colors on line but they do not do justice to the real thing. The camel looks different in person as opposed to the pic on the website. I like the five other colors on the website however do not want to order them without seeing them personally. Also does avaire sell matching tiles that could go on a vertical surface such as a wall or do they contract with someone who carries tiles that are similar? Thanks much.
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