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Default New Floor

Author: Kathie
Date: 3/7/2008 10:17 pm EDT
My husband and I are also thinking about installing this in our kitchen and bathroom. We have a woodburning stove in our kitchen and was wondering if we can install this under the woodstove? How long has one of these floors been installed in a home and how is it holding up? Most of the comments on line are current and I don't see any feed back from someone that's had it installed for over a year.

I also was wondering about the air holes that some of the people have talked about is there a way to get around having to grout the floor twice to seal these holes?

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Author: Jonathan
Date: 3/8/2008 0:56 am EDT
Avaire should not be exposed to prolonged temperatures above 110F. However, no permanent damage will occur unless the temperature exceeds ~160F. As there are hundreds of wood burning stoves on the market, we unfortunately cannot test each individually. Please consult your wood stove manual for guidance on temperatures.

Regarding your question about how long floors have been installed. The very first Avaire floor was installed on March 9, 2006. That floor is still performing very well, as are all the other Avaire floors installed since then. In fact, I just inspected a floor installed in July 2006 that is in the shipping office in our original building. The floor looks great - no problems at all. I certainly invite our existing customers to post their experiences.

Regarding the grout sinking, we've heard of this in just three situations including the one reported on this board (out of thousands of installations). I would not expect this to be an issue for you.
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