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Default The edge

Author: Grinder
Date: 5/17/2008 9:27 pm EDT
I am putting Avaire tile in my foyer, where one edge will be butting up to carpeting. Is there a molding strip that should be used along this edge or can the carpet just butt to the edge of the tile? If it makes any difference, the carpet is a berber type carpet.
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Author: Jonathan
Date: 5/18/2008 5:33 pm EDT
You have several options.

1) If the height difference between the Avaire tile and the capret are about the same, you can leave it as a butt-joint. If you do, I'd suggest cutting the connecting tabs off the tray (if it is not a cut edge already) so you can get the tile and carpet as close as possible (minimize the gap). Make sure you secure the carpet down along the edge with a double sided carpet tape. And, I'd suggest running a bead of construction adhesive under the outside edge of the Avaire tile. This is how we've finished our carpet-to-Avaire tile transition between our Master Bath and the bedroom.

2) There are a variety of transition components that can be placed between the Avaire tile and your carpet. Most of them will have an anchoring element that attaches to the floor, and a finished transition piece that plugs into the anchor. I've seen these in wood, metal, and vinyl.
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