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Default bathroom vanity

I've been reading about the debates of installing avaire under the vanity. One of the threads says that vanities are not heavy so they wouldn't pose a problem on a floating floor. But what about everything you store inside a vanity(shampoo bottles, cleanser, etc..) Some vanities have drawers as well, for more storage items.

Removing the toilet and vanity, would make for a simpler install. There would be no vanity to cut around.

Since I'm about to tile my bathroom, I would appreciate an answer to this question.
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Default Vanities

You should be OK installing Avaire under the vanity. The tiles under the vanity will be "locked" in place by the extra weight. The only thing you might watch is the grout lines where the "locked" tiles meet the "non-locked" tiles - I don't think you'll see any issues, watch for hairline grout cracks since that "interface" will not be a truly floating interface.

I have a very heavy desk and credenza on my Avaire floor (more than 2 years now) and there are zero issues!

Let us know how it turns out!

Thank you for considering Avaire!
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Default vanity

I've installed Avaire under quite a few vanities and I haven't had any problems or do I expect any.

Large kitchens with granite counter tops I would cut around instead of going under due to the weight.
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