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Over-Washing of Grout

Image of discoloration due to over-washing

Image of discoloration and cracking due to over-washing

Over-washing is a result of an improper grout installation. Over-washing includes using too much water and excessive wiping of the grout lines, at the time of installation. Over-washing dilutes the liquid urethane and degrades the grout composition. This results in improper curing and produces a very course, rough finish on the grout surface; discoloration within the grout line; "peaking" of grout in the grout joints; and/or grout pulled out of the joints. Eventually, the top layer of the degraded grout will fleck, crumble, and crack.

Over-washed grout lines may be repaired by following the grout removal and repair process. The instructions are available on our website at: Grout Replacement


  • Read Grout Instructions and watch Grouting with Flexible Grout video at Grouting with Flexible Grout
  • Grout and clean small areas at a time, approximately 6' X 6'.
  • During grout installation clean-up: Thoroughly squeeze excess water from the sponge before wiping the floor.
  • Wait 24 hours before performing Grout Haze Removal process. Grout Haze Removal Process

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